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Inspections and repairs

Regular servicing and prompt repair of a vehicle fleet is a big challenge for any business. We take this demanding and time-consuming task on ourselves, providing our Clients with professional inspections and repairs.

MHC MOBILITY provides safety and full mobility of each vehicle!

How do we perform inspections and repairs?

All vehicle inspections and repairs are performed at service points designated by MHC MOBILITY.  It is necessary to make an appointment minimum 5 days in advance.

According to what principles are periodic technical inspections carried out?

Vehicle users are obliged to respect deadlines for registration tests. Usually, the first technical inspection for new passenger vehicles occurs 3 years after the date of first registration. You will find information about the validity of the tests in the vehicle registration book.

Inspections are performed only at the preferred network of Motor Vehicle Inspection Stations designated by the MHC MOBILITY Hotline for Driver or Truck Hotline.     

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