For the first time in Hungary - from MHC Mobility - TESCO has switched to electric delivery vans

TESCO is the first in Hungary to operate with fully electric delivery vans. The fleet of the delivery units are managed by MHC Mobility, which has been an outstanding partner of TESCO since 2018. The cooling system of the vehicles built on the Mercedes eSprinter is also battery-powered, so shopping really arrives in our homes cleanly - without emission.

Electrification is advancing unstoppably in the automotive industry. It is no coincidence that not only are EU rules forcing manufacturers to do so, but the technology itself is at a level of development that brings real economic benefits, in addition to positive environmental and social impacts.

“MHC Mobility has been present in the van & truck fleet segment for more than two decades, handling food delivery vehicles in the FMCG sector in many Central European countries, which is one of the most complex and expertly needed departments of full service leasing. We thank TESCO for its trust that, in addition to its nearly 100 existing conventional delivery vehicles, the world of electric vehicles is counting on us. ” - said Zsolt Halmos, vans & trucks sales managerof MHC Mobility Hungary.

Is such a vehicle really appropriate in everyday life? - Many people who still have doubts about the capability of electric vehicles may ask. With the professional support of MHC Mobility and TESCO's own data-driven decision preparation study, it has proven that long-term leasing of electric vehicles is economically worthwhile. The eSprinter itself has a 47kWh battery, with which we expect a range of 100-120 km when loaded - this is far enough for a full working day! The average loading time for a van is 45 minutes, during which time a significant amount of kilometers can be filled during the day. 

The refrigerator unit is the first ever battery driven all electric cooler unit of ThermoKing. This unit is not only locally emission free, but it has a lower noise output which makes it not just more comfortable for the staff but more sustainable for the environment as well.

MHC Mobility has exclusively designed the complete van for TESCO to ensure that the cooling unit and the vehicle battery have the same range, so the vehicle's cooling capacity lasts from charge to charge.

"Our slogan - Powering the Future of Movement - echoes our strategic goal, and this electric cargo (!) fleet will reassure us that we are on the right track!" - mentioned Eric Van Vliet, MHC Mobility CEE regional director.

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