Spring is starting – eBike season is starting too!

After proper preparations, Quehenberger Logistics launched an eBikeFleet of four KTMs for its employees.

The e-bikes are fully operated by MHC Mobility to help Quehenberger employees get to the logistics centers on the edge of town in Székesfehérvár and Győr. In addition to commuting to work, it is also possible to use pedelec bicycles for recreational cycling for the sake of employee satisfaction and well-being during holidays and week ends.

Our strategic partner In-Management also thought that EuroFleet's new eBike season pass service could be interesting for their company, so they started the spring with 3 KTM Macina Cross P510 company pedelec bikes. In this case, too, the idea was to satisfy internal needs and reward employees in a special and environmentally friendly way. Furthermore, the aim is to direct the attention of colleagues to the everyday possibilities of cycling.

Just like Quehenberger Logistics, In-Management decided to implement the eBikeFleet service of MHC Mobility - EuroFleet after a 2-week trial period.

If eBringaFlotta might be of interest to you, contact us for a test! www.eurofleet.hu/ebringaflotta

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